Catalia Salon & Spa Policies

Pricing - Pricing on website is an estimate of base services only. Quotes can be given via consult, call, email or in-person inquiry. Prices listed do not include tax. 

Appointments - Appointments booked have a 24 hour policy for cancellation, re-booking or changing appointments. If there was a deposit for the service, you may lose your deposit if this policy is not observed. 

Deposits - Some services require deposits in order to be booked. Deposits amounts vary by service and are NON-REFUNDABLE in the case of a no-show or cancellation with lack of notice. No refunds on Extension deposits. Clients must provide minimum 24 hours notice to re-book or change an appointment.

No-Show Appointments - Appointments that are no-showed must be paid for 100% before booking of another appointment or service. A minimum 24hr notice period to re-book or change an appointment. 

Mandatory Consultations - Some services require a consultation before the service can be booked or quoted. These appointments are mandatory and may not always  be available the same day as the service. 

Age Restrictions - Some services have age restrictions. Medi-Spa treatments are available only to individuals 18+ years of age. 14+ only for Sauna sessions. 

Waivers and Liability - All Medi-Spa services will only be completed prior to filling out our in-house waiver.

Photos - We reserve the right to photograph any of our work, both before and after to share on social media. You may request to have your facial features hidden or blurred at your preference. These photos are to showcase our staff's work in our portfolio and galleries. 

Refunds - No returns or refunds unless confirmed and authorized by the business owner(s). Returns and refunds will be determined on a case to case basis. 



Catalia Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located, and what are your hours?

We are located in a strip mall at 5661 Riverbend Road. You will have to drive around the U-Shaped lot, as we are located at the end and it is a one-way. 

We are open Tuesday from 10-7pm, Wednesday - Saturady from 10-5pm. Monday's and Sunday's are by appointment only. 

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Cash, Debit, Credit (Visa and Mastercard) and E-Transfer for payment of services and deposits. 

Why do prices vary on the website?

Each of our staff runs their own independent business within Catalia Salon and Spa. They set their own prices based on their own criteria. The prices on our website that has a "+" next to it represents the base price of a service but it can be more. To get a quote, please contact the individual service provider or the salon. Some services will need a consultation in order to determine an accurate quote. 

What do I need to know about Medi-Spa Services?

Each of our medi-spa services are performed by trained experienced staff. For pre and post care instructions, please visit the Medi-Spa page, as they are listed at the bottom. 

What is an Infrared Sauna?

Infrared Sauna sessions are a great way to not only detoxify your body, but relax you as well. Great benefits for your skin, weight-loss goals, sleep patterns, and overall relaxation of the body and mind. Infrared Sauna sessions are restricted to individuals 14 years of age and older.  

How do I care for my Extensions?

We have a number of great care tips for Hair Extensions listed in the Extension service section. Please visit the Salon Services page for more information.  

Do you have a return/refund policy?

We always want our customers to be happy with their purchases and services. Refunds and returns are determined on a case to case basis with the authorization of the salon owner(s). Please contact us if you need assistance. 

Do gift certificates expire?

Gift certificates with a cash amount never expire. Gift certificates that are purchased for a specific service do not expire, however the amount paid for the service will be honored in the case that the service is no longer offered or raises in price. 

I have a gift certificate, can I give it to someone else or sell it?

Gift certificates are as good as cash at our salon, so you may do with it what you wish. We do recommend changing the name and signing it for good measure to ensure that it's reflected to the new person upon visiting the salon. 

Can I bring my own hair for extensions?

We do offer installation services of your own purchased hair, however we cannot guarantee the services as the quality and amount of hair greatly impacts the overall look and longevity of the installation. We offer color matching and hair ordering in-store to ensure the highest quality products and will always recommend you go this route when possible. If you do wish to have your own purchased hair installed we can quote you for the installation after a complimentary consultation. 

Have a question we didn't cover?

If you have any questions or concerns about a product or service, please don't hesitate to get in touch!